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Excellent Free Ruby on Rails Tutorial (new)
I can't say enough positive things about an outstanding tutorial for learning Ruby on Rails programming: "Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example." You can read it online for free. It's also available as a searchable PDF, screencasts, printed and Kindle versions. Read more of my review ...

Testing Google AdSense Ads Version 2 (new)
A newer version of my free PHP script and tutorial for testing Google AdSense ads in order to help you identify which format of ad performs better for you and results in better click-through rates and higher revenue. The code tests two ad formats simultaneously and gives you side-by-side results to compare the same day. This article updates the script in Testing AdSense Version 1 to use the new format of implementing Google Ads.

IT in 2018: From Turing’s Machine to the Computing Cloud
Available as a free PDF download (registration required). “Few IT managers have the luxury of looking ahead more than a year or two. In this Internet.com eBook, Nicholas Carr, the author of “Does IT Matter?”, takes readers on a trip one decade into the future to see how IT as we know it will change and what those changes mean for IT professionals, hardware and software vendors, and corporations of all sizes.

Free Linux Books
There are many good, free Linux books out there. I grouped them into these 3 categories to help you find books relevant to you: Linux Programming, Linux Admin, Linux on the Desktop. The dividing lines between the categories are not always definitive so be sure to check out all the pages with free Linux books if at first you do not find what you are looking for.

Free PHP Books
Here are links to free PHP books. Some books are for beginners and some for experienced programmers working on more advanced topics.

Free Java & JavaScript Books to Download
If you are serious about Java, check out the free beginning and advanced java books. These are high-quality books, not crap. Also, free JavaScript books, too.

Free Perl Books to Download
List of excellent free Perl books and free Python books to download or read online. These are not cruddy books. Many were published by leading companies including O’Reilly and New Riders.

How to Work With Cookies, a JavaScript Tutorial (improved)
I just uploaded a new and vastly improved tutorial on how to save, retrieve and delete cookies using JavaScript. As always, includes all source code.

Quote of the Day PHP Script
This new free PHP script automatically updates your web site with a randomly selected quote. It is easy to set up and customize, and does not require a MySQL database. The nature of the content and the frequency of change are flexible. You can use it for content other than quotes and can have it update more often, or less often. A tutorial explains how it is programmed and provides download for all source code.

Tip: Check Your Error Logs When You Can't Get Your Program or Script to Run
Part 2 of my basic debugging techniques is about using error logs to help you debug your program or script.

Improve Your Google AdSense Revenue
Use PHP to improve your Google AdSense click-thru rates and revenue by finding better paying ad formats for your site. Many articles state you should test to identify the ad formats that result in the best revenue. Use this PHP code to test formats simultaneously and start getting results the same day.

Tips for Picking a Web Hosting Company
Read tips for finding a web hosting company and improving your chances of a happy hosting experience. Web hosting for developers has different criteria than web hosting for static HTML sites. A site with programming has issues that many standard web hosting sales pitches fail to address. Though the article is written for PHP web hosting, much is relevant to other technologies and platforms, as well as to web hosting in general.

I wrote this article after receiving frequent emails asking for help on this subject. A search for web hosting tips returned many articles that were too basic and did not address important issues.

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