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Tech Tips for Picking a Web Host

Database Tutorial (PHP & MySQL)

How to Instal Apache + PHP + MySQL

PHP vs. ASP vs. JSP

Introduction to Debugging

MySQL JDBC Drivers

Overview of Client Side

Margins Flush with Edges of Browser

Specifying Alternate Document to Print

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Overview Client-Side

JavaScript is the primary client-side scripting language used on the web. JavaScript is used to provide added funtionality simple HTML can not such as mouseovers, form validation, cookies, windows and other features that previously could only be done with more complicated CGI scripts.

DHTML (dynamic HTML) is now part of the Javascript section.

Style Sheet Tutorial introduces you to the capabilities of style sheets, how and why style sheets should be used and provides plenty of examples to get you started.

Java Applets on this site are all client-side (as opposed to java that runs on the server). Client-side java is a great way to get started learning Java. The simple applets on blazonry are meant as starting points for learning Java.


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