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dynamicHTML : Scrolling Layers

This example uses dynamic HTML which is layers and JavaScript to scroll inside of a layer. Custom scroll buttons could be used instead of dull HTML buttons. This script never seems to work properly, only the first time I make it or fix it.

This is a layer inside of this page. A layer is simply a DIV tag with a unique ID, everything between the <DIV> and </DIV> is what is in the layer. So it can can contain anything you would like, such as images, text, more DIV tags (also more layers), embedded objects, etc...

Use the buttons on the side to scroll.

This page uses a handy Layer Libary developed by Netscape which allows you to move, scroll and clip layers. See Netscape's Example Here. To see how I used it in this page, click on View Source in your browser.

Check out Netscape's DevEdge Online for more information regarding JavaScript, the only site not yet taken over by Netcenter portal.



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