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HTTP/1.1 Error Codes

Informational 1xx
	100  Continue
	101  Switching Protocols

Successful 2xx
	200  OK
	201  Created
	202  Accepted
	203  Non-Authoritative Information
	204  No Content
	205  Reset Content
	206  Partial Content

Redirection 3xx
	300  Multiple Choices
	301  Moved Permanently
	302  Found
	303  See Other
	304  Not Modified
	305  Use Proxy
	306  (Unused)
	307  Temporary Redirect

Client Error 4xx
	400  Bad Request
	401  Unauthorized
	402  Payment Required
	403  Forbidden
	404  Not Found
	405  Method Not Allowed
	406  Not Acceptable
	407  Proxy Authentication Required
	408  Request Timeout
	409  Conflict
	410  Gone
	411  Length Required
	412  Precondition Failed
	413  Request Entity Too Large
	414  Request-URI Too Large
	415  Unsupported Media Type
	416  Requested Range Not Satisfiable
	417  Expectation Failed

Server Error 5xx
	500  Internal Server Error
	501  Not Implemented
	502  Bad Gateway
	503  Service Unavailable
	504  Gateway Timeout
	505  HTTP Version not supported

Information from HTTP/1.1 Protocol (RFC 2616)
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)


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