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JavaScript: Image Slide Show

The slide show displays a series of images with navigation for previous and next and an information caption about each image. It is based on the same principle as the Mouse Over script.  It adds more images into it, and works when the buttons are clicked. not just moused over.

A Pictorial History of mkaz.com




JavaScript Source Code:

<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">

var imgArray = new Array("start.gif", ...);
var descArray = new Array("Intro Page", ...);
var imgDir = "";
var pos = 0;
// initial images (pre-load)
if (document.images) {
for (i=0; i<imgArray.length; i++) {
eval("imgObj" + i + "= new Image()");
eval("imgObj" + i + ".src = '" + imgDir + imgArray[i] + "'");

function toPrevious() {

if (pos == 0) { pos = imgArray.length - 1; }
else { pos = pos - 1 };

eval("document.vvr.src = imgObj"+pos+".src");
document.theForm.desc.value = descArray[pos];

function toNext() {

if (pos == imgArray.length - 1) { pos = 0; }
else { pos = pos + 1; }

eval("document.vvr.src = imgObj"+pos+".src");
    document.theForm.desc.value = descArray[pos];



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