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Baby Name Generator

Generate a baby name simply and quickly. Get ideas for boys and girls names. My name generator finds names that go beyond the usual without being too far “out there.” Have fun generating as many names as you like.

To get started, try entering the mother’s name, father’s name, or both parents’ names. You can even enter parents’ nicknames, names of family members, friends or anything you want.

Enter a name such as the mother’s name, the father’s name, or both:

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Feel free to generate as many names as you like by entering your nickname, names of family members or friends.

About Baby Name Generator

Baby names are built using the 500 most popular names for babies born in the U.S. during 2004 according to the Social Security Administration.

How Baby Name Generator Works

Baby name generator is based on my Wu-Name Generator. It uses different data files and an additional drop-down for selecting gender. Get the Javascript for the drop-down by viewing source. Read how Wu-Name works if you want more details.


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