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Perl: ProcLog Script to Search Keywords and Phrases

proclog.pl is a handy little script that processes Apache log files and extracts search keywords or phrases. You can use it as is, or to learn from it to apply the concepts to other perl scripts.

The report it creates is not beautiful. For this example, I process what people are typing into search engines to get to my site. The data is fairly raw but it gives me a rough idea of what terms are being used.

The report is spit out to the standard output (screen) so be sure to send it to a file if you want the report in a file.


proclog.pl [logfile] >report.html

You may have to edit the script and the way it parses the log file to retrieve the referer URL, which is the only bit of the log file needed. My logs have all data in one file, but it is also common to have the referers in a seperate log file.

Download Script: proclog_pl.txt

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