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Perl Websites

Official Sites
The offical Perl site. The complete source for Perl, download Perl here, plus good documentation, articles, and other Perl resources.

Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, is a repository of Perl materials. Due to the free spirited nature of Perl there are thousands of contributors developing. CPAN pulls together all these contributions and organizes it somewhat.

ActiveState Perl for Win32
The official site for Perl for Win32 (Windows 95/NT). Download Perl for Win32 here, including Win32 Modules, PerlScript, Perl for ISAPI and other resources for developing Perl scripts on Windows.

Perl Documentation
   Core Documentation
   Perl FAQs
   General Questions About Perl
   Data Manipulation
   Regular Expressions

General Sites

PerlRing Homepage
PerlRing is a WebRing devoted to the Perl programming language. The ring started in late December 1996, and is made up of the homepages of people who have something to offer regarding Perl.

O'Reilly & Associates
O'Reilly is the leading publisher of Perl books. (Their books are the ones with the animals on the covers.) O'Reilly is a big supporter of Perl, and the freeware philosophy. Plus they employ Larry Wall the creator of Perl.



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