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Books I Recommend

I haven't bought any new PHP books lately because I prefer the online access to the large collection of books that Safari offers. Search capability plus being able to copy-paste code beats buying books that age quickly. That said, I like the following books. There may be newer, better books out there. I offer these as good starting places.

PHP and MySQL Web Development
PHP and MySQL Web Development, Second Edition
New! This is a brand new edition of a PHP, MySQL book that I like (published February, 2003). I have not yet seen this edition, but I would suggest getting it rather than the first edition. First edition was filled excellent code samples for full applications, includes a CD-ROM with all source code.

PHP Developer's Cookbook
Great resource, lots of relevant scripts and small examples.

PHP and MySQL Web Development
PHP and MySQL Web Development First edition of the book recommended above. (Provided for reference.)

Current bestselling PHP books


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