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PHP Scripts and Examples

PHP is a powerful server-side scripting language. “Server-side” means the program runs on the web server instead of the client’s computer. The server processes and parses the PHP code and sends it to the browser as HTML to display.

blazonry uses PHP. The simplest use of PHP is dynamically inserting the appropriate navigation menus and page title into each page. The most complex use is an Amazon.com web services application that generates up-to-date info about bestselling books for various programming subjects. Top selling PHP books is one example.

PHP is relatively easy to program. It is very “C-like” (as in the C programming language). It was built solely for the web. Many commonly needed functions are built right in. The official PHP web site has lots more information.

Get started with PHP by trying any of the example scripts in the menu on the left. These scripts are very simple. The web is filled with more complex applications. These are meant as starting points and references. The simple photo gallery and baby name generator are quite popular.

Be sure to check out the free PHP books. Some books are for beginners and some for experienced programmers working on more advanced topics. The web offers a tremendous amount of high quality, free info to help you learn PHP.


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