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Web Dev Resources

HTML, General, Miscellaneous

HTML Character Codes
The complete listing of HTML Characters and their Entity Code. Useful to see how to make “nice looking” quote marks (as opposed to "plain" old ugly ones. Lots of other characters including this lovely elipsis …

HTTP Server Error Codes
The complete listing of the various HTTP server errors. Everyone knows what a 404 Error is, do you know what a 203 error is?

Old Browser Difference Table
A table of differences between old versions of the two main browsers comparing differences. Last updated for Netscape 4.03 and IE 4.0. While this is way outdated, I provide this info because believe it or not, people with really old 2.0 and 3.0 browsers are out there. Besides, if it works on an old browser, it will work on newer ones.

Telecom Industry Definitions
A handy reference of terms for the telecom industry.

2-character Country Codes
A listing of countries and their associated two-character internet domain code.

Area Codes
I never found a good site to look up area codes, if you have the area code. It was always easy if you knew the city. So I created a script to parse some data and created this page.



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