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Introduction to Stylesheets (CSS)

This tutorial explains what Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are, why they can be useful and how you can use them today on your website. The only prerequisite for the tutorial is knowledge of HTML, a little experience building a web site and of course you need to have a website hosted somewhere or run your own localhost web server.

This tutorial is probably most useful when viewed with a browser that supports CSS. Netscape 4.01 and IE 3.0 are the first major browser versions to support style sheets. However, both of these browsers, and even current browsers do not support the full W3C specification. What can you do to help web standards?

This tutorial does not cover dynamic HTML which uses style sheets and JavaScript for various dynamic "special effects" such as animation. For more information regarding dHTML there are a few examples in the JavaScript section of web.blazonry.

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