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CSS Tutorial: Problems & Compatibility

Modern browsers offer good CSS support of CSS1 and most of CSS2. Stick with the "core" older tags. Don't venture too far afield into the newest tags or CSS hacks. Lip-service is being given to support the complete W3C recommendation, which came out way back in Dec. 1996, but not all CSS features are implemented.Opera, an alternative browser, has the excellent standards compliance for CSS and HTML.

This should not scare you away from using Style Sheets, most of the common properties such as fonts, text, and margins are all implemented. Just be sure to test how everything looks on various browsers, as you always should be doing anyway.

Other Links

Old, but good reference for reliable, widely and consistenly implemented CSS: Support for CSS Level 1 in Internet Explore 3.0

CSS contents and browser compatibility

Browser support for CSS1 & CSS2

A list of known bugs for Netscape browsers is available at http://developer.netscape.com/support/bugs/known/css.html, It is not published which browser versions this applies to.


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