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PHP : mklib.php

mklib.php is a set of libraries created to make building web applications with PHP easier. Common functions I use over-and-over again are collected and put in these libraries. Such as processing data before inserting into a database or formatting date/time strings for display.

These libraries should work with both PHP3 and PHP4, but I have moved up to PHP4 for everything and thus only test there.

Latest Versions:

General Functions: mklib.php 0.4.3 Last Updated: 2001-8-22
Date/Time Functions: mk_datetime.php 0.1.0 Last Updated: 2001-02-07


Installing and Using
Assuming you have PHP installed and running properly. To use the library all you need to do is "include" or "require" it in your script.

Download the library using the above link, you may want to rename it to "mklib.php" Move this file to somewhere your web server can read it. Initially you can put it in the same directory as your script. If it is in the same directory as your code, use the following code to include it in your page.

require "./mklib.php";

A few things to think about.

  1. If you have set your include directory in your "php.ini" file then the include/require command starts looking there first, which is why the "./" precedes the file name.
  2. The path specified in the include is your file system path, it has nothing to do with your web server. So you can use a full path such as "/usr/local/include/mklib.php"
  3. You may not want to store the library in the application directory. I usually place mine one level up from all my application directories. That way each application just goes out one level and reads the same library, using "../mklib.php"

I'm still working on creating documentation of all the functions. For now look at the source code of the library or the example/test page below. There are comments in the source code of both.

Example/Test Page

Example/Test Page: mktest.php

Example Page Source: mktest.phps

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