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web blazonry is maintained in my spare time. I receive lots of email, most of it spam. In fact, even though I run SpamAssassin, I receive so much spam that, unfortunately, I stopped checking email.  :-(  I'm also a new parent and am short of time. I do miss the "thank you" emails and hearing what sections of the site you like.

The two most common emails I received are “Here is my program. It does not work. What am I doing wrong?” and “Here is what I want to do (insert long but vague description here), please help!”  Sorry, but I have only 24 hours in a day.

One learns programming by working with code, breaking it, and figuring out how to fix it.  Debugging 101 is a short tutorial written for the above types of questions.

If you buy from Amazon.com, it would be very cool if you used any link from this site. The small amount of money earned from Amazon goes toward covering the cost of hosting this site.


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