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Java Resources

Development Kits

Java 2 Standard Edition 1.3 (2000-08-16, Sun Microsystems)
The Java 2 platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) has revolutionized computing with the introduction of a stable, secure and feature-complete development and deployment environment designed from the ground up for the Web. The release of J2SE version 1.3 also delivers momentous performance gains and improved Web deployment for enterprise-grade, client-side applets and applications written in the Java programming language.

Blackdown Java-Linux Kit 1.2.2 FCS (2000-08-08, Java-Linux Porting Team)
The Blackdown JDK is one of the ports of Suns Java Developer Toolkit to Linux. The JDK includes the basic tools needed for developing and running Java applications.

Kaffe OpenVM 1.0.6 (2000-07-25, Kaffe Core Team)
Kaffe is a Java Virtual Machine which runs on any Internet appliance, embedded system, desktop, or server. Compact and extensible, easy to install and configure, Kaffe is the optimal choice for rapid cross-platform development.

Java Servlet Development Kit 2.1 (1999-10-01, Sun Microsystems)
Java Servlets provide web developers with a simple, consistent mechanism for extending the functionality of a web server and for accessing existing business systems. A servlet can almost be thought of as an applet that runs on the server side -- without a face. Java Servlets have made many web applications possible.


Apache JServ 1.1.2 (2000-06-17, The Java Apache Project)
Apache JServ is a 100% pure Java servlet engine fully compliant with the JavaSoft Java Servlet APIs 2.0 specification. Since we believe in the great value complete portability between different servlet platforms, together with portability of Java binary code, we worked very close with JavaSoft and other JVM implementers to provide correct interpretations or Java specifications both for servlets and for the Java language itself. The result is a pure servlet engine that works on any "version 1.1 compliant" Java Virtual Machine and may execute any Java servlet compliant with version 2.0.

Cocoon 1.5 (1999-10-29, Java Apache Group)
Cocoon is a 100% pure Java publishing framework that relies on new W3C technologies (such as DOM, XML, and XSL) to provide web content. The Cocoon project aims to change the way web information is created, rendered and served. This new paradigm is based on fact that document content, style and logic are often created by different individuals or working groups. Cocoon aims to a complete separation of the three layers, allowing the three layers to be independently designed, created and managed, reducing management overhead, increasing work reuse and reducing time to market.

Element Construction Set 1.3.3 (2000-06-16, Java Apache Group)
The Element Construction Set is a Java API for generating elements for various markup languages it directly supports HTML 4.0 and XML, but can easily be extended to create tags for any markup language. It is designed and implemented by Stephan Nagy and Jon S. Stevens.

WebMacro 0.89.1 (1999-05-03, webmacro.org)
WebMacro is an HTML template engine and back end servlet development framework. It is free software, and pure Java. WebMacro simplifies servlet development by separating programming work from page design: Page designers create HTML templates with WebMacro powerful script language. Programmers work in clean Java code, free of HTML and other presentational clutter.

Xerces Java Parser 1.1.3 (2000-08-21, Apache Software Foundation)
Xerces provides XML parsing and generation. Fully-validating parsers implementing the W3C XML and DOM (Level 1 and 2) standards as well as the SAX(v2) standard.

Xalan: XSL Stylesheet Processor 1.2D01 (2000-08-21, Apache Software Foundation)
Xalan is an XSLT processor for transforming XML documents into HTML, text or other document types. Xalan can be used from the command line, in an applet or a servlet, or as a module in other programs.

System and Utilities

mm MySQL JDBC Driver 2.0.2 (2000-06-08, Mark Matthews)
A Type IV JDBC driver for MySQL. Small (<120K), high performance, LGPL License, comes with source code and documentation.

gnu.regexp 1.0.8 (1999-03-21, Wes Biggs)
The gnu.regexp package is a pure-Java implementation of a traditional (non-POSIX) NFA regular expression engine. Its syntax can emulate many popular development tools, including awk, sed, emacs, perl and grep.


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